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Add a group on the NetExplorer platform

Add a group on the NetExplorer platform

As an administrator, after creating new users you will be able to integrate them into a new group or an existing one. A group contains several users. It's used to simplify administration tasks and can be delegated to a user who's not an administrator. The notion of group is not mandatory. We recommend it when you have many users and want to simplify administration tasks.  

To create a new group

  • Go to your NetExplorer platform, Administration section
  • In the Groups tab, select   

  • Specify the group  name  you've chosen,
  • To add members, click on
  • Select membres who'll  be part of the group with button
  • Click on   . Your selected users are added.
  • Click on

Sample group

You have a sales people team with whom you share documents in common.  You can create a group called "Sales Department" and add your sales representatives' user accounts.


  • Facilitates the documents or files sharing and distribution . 
  • You save time by indicating to the group and not to each user the access rights and the email alerts.


  • Even if rights  access to a folder are assigned to a user through his group, you can redefine them by adding or removing rights directly with his user account.
  • Once the group has been created, it must be assigned rights. To do this, you must configure the rights access to the group directly on the folders in the LIBRARY.