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Install the NetExplorer connector for Outlook - Knowledgebase / NetExplorer for Outlook / Good practices - Support NetExplorer

Install the NetExplorer connector for Outlook

Install the NetExplorer connector for Outlook

Download NetExplorer for Outlook

To install Netexplorer connector for Outlook:

  • Next windows will ask you to fill-in more details about you. 

  • Tick the Microsoft authorization box validant anc click "next".
  • Once done, you should get the message below 

If you open desk app, when creating new email, you should see a menu "Partager avec NetExplorer" in the "Message" tab/menu.

  • As well, if you open Outlook as a web application (OWA), you will find the same menu, as shown below.

Configure the connector in your mail client

To enjoy your connector, you just have to identify yourself with platform account, at the first launch of Outlook:

  • Open your mail client, either by Desk App or by Web App.
  • Type the URL of your platform, then click "connect".

  • Next window will ask you for login and password
  • PASSWORD : the same as for platform, could be an application password if you're using external account like Office365, Azure, Active Directory or whatsoever is not a classic platform account. (Office365 or any account with double authentication) then you will have to use or set up an application password (How to set up application password ?)
  • Cliquez sur de nouveau sur se Connecter.
  • Une dernière fenêtre vous demande l'autorisation d'accès à la la plateforme, cliquez sur Autoriser
  • Vous voyez alors la fenêtre suivante s'ouvrir sous Outlook


  • Le connecteur  est compatible avec Outlook 2013 et versions supérieures, en protocoles Exchange ou Office365
  • Le connecteur  n'est pas compatible avec les protocoles POP et IMAP