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Mobile App

Keep your data with you everywhere

Need an access to your files from airport or get a file at customer's ? Mobile App will do the trick, and much more !

The App

Available for  and the App allows you to connect to your platforme permanently. 

No more urgent calls to your get a PDF file, an invoice when you need it fast. Just open the app and fetch information you need.


Install the mobile app

Mobile App is available from your usual store (Play Store or Apple Store), and available too on our site.
To install mobile App, for Android follow  this link .

If you are on Apple hardware, please follow this link.

Offline data

Need an access to data without internet access ? This App does it for you. Ineed, you can drop files or folders in the "OFFLINE" area (Hors Connexion)

For further details about the Offline mode for Android, please click here, for iOS, click here


Download mobile App for Android  Download mobile App for Apple