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Lock management on web application

Lock management on web application

This page is dedicated to administrators only.

As an administrator, youare able to rule the lock of files:

  • write lock : other users can read but cannot edit.
  • reading and writing : other users cannot edit nor read.
  • Go to your NetExplorer platform, chapter Configuration.
  • In the "Features" tab , you can activate/déactivate the following options :
    • lock: activates writing lock.
    • lock_read: activates writing and reading lock

Remove lock on a file

Only admins can remove lock on a file when it has been set up by a user, if this one forgot to remove it. Here is how it works:

  • Go to your NetExplorer platform,
  • Spot the file, then right-click and select "Unlock".


  • When users open a file via NetSync, it is locked locally by the app. When another tries to open the file, this icon  displays by overlay on the file icon, warning that the file is already in use, and can only be opened as "read-only".
  • When printing the file, it will lock itself to prevent any modification during the print, whatever their access method is. File will be unlocked when operation is finished.