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NetSync synchronization tasks

NetSync synchronization tasks

In NetSync, a synchronization (sync) task is made from one local folder and one remote folder. Therefore, a task is the perfect copy of content from a location to the other one, in both directions

1 sync task = 1 local folder + 1 remote folder

Local folder you will choose will be synchronized onto the designed location of platform, and vice versa.

Add sync tasks

e.g. You wish to sync a new folder from platform to your hard drive : You have to set a new sync task.

  • Go to your NetSync app then click on
  • In FOLDER tab, you will find your sync tasks
  • Click + to set a new task
  • In folder selection, fill-in these fields 

    • local folder : is the path from your computer's hard drive (e.g. C:\Users\Marine\NetSync\RH). Click onand choose folder
    • remote folder : is the remote folder you will sync in from platform. (e.g. Documents\RH) Click on and choose folder.
  • Click on

Notes :
➔ You can add a sync task only if NetSync has finished synchronization. Else, the "Folders" tab cannot be reached and will stay grey.
➔ Local folder has to be created, preferently close to the drive's root (c:/NetSync) in order to set the corrrect location.
➔ As a local folder, you cannot set a network drive's folder, and this is very risky. (See dedicated webpage).

Modifiy sync tasks

To avoid sync problems, we advise you to delete tasks before creating a new one.

  • Delete chosen task with button
  • Click on
  • Create a new task with button 
  • Specify path for new task with local and remote paths
  • Click on

Delete sync tasks

You don't need a folder anymore and you need to free some space on your hard drive ? You can delete a task so NetSync does not sync it anymore :

  • Go to your NetSync app then click on
  • Select FOLDERS tab.

There is the list of folders you put a sync on.

  • For deletion of a task, click on
  • Do not forget to click on

When you do this, overlays on files and folders will disappear, and NetSync won't sync anymore on it.
You can then delete folder without the risk to delete the folder from platform, as it is not linked by synchronization anymore.

Check paths of your sync tasks

  • From NetSync icon in taskbar right click and select "My folders".
  • Select one of the folders to check it.
  • A windows explorer window opens and you can see the full local path that has been set.

➔ This only works on Windows.


  • We strongly advise that you set a maximum of 5 tasks for proper working