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Work together with built-in co edition

Work together with built-in co edition

Work together simultaneous ly from your web browser on your NetExplorer space.
Increase efficiency, real-time co-working, add comments and add contents directly during your meetings !

Modify your Office files directly with NetExplorer

With NetExplorer built-in edition, modify your Office files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, but also LibreOffice or OpenOffice) directly from your web browser.

Once your file selected (see example below), righ-click on your file or use the menu button
Then, in the context menu, choose "Modify with NetExplorer" 

If you wish to, you can directly export your documents in another format, either by copying or by downloading it directly from source.

If you choose "Save copy as", the generated file will be save in the same folder as source.

Co-working on your documents

With simultaneous co edition,  changes from each user appear in real time on your screen, even when in revision mode.

You can see your workmates displayed when they access the same file than you.


Keep hand on your data

Fully built-in  on your platform, NetExplorer co edition guarantees a full control of your files, which are integrally handled by NetExplorer, in the metropolitan territory of France.

Activate this new feature

This neaw feature is automatically activated on platforms that do not use Office365, from offers 2019.

For any Office 365 user willing to use this integrated system, just ask your administrator to uncheck "Office 365" and activate the onlineedit option, in the configuration page of platform, in the "general" tab.

No overcharging

Don't need Microsoft Office or Office 365 licence anymore to modify or co edit your documents : NetExplorer online edition is included since 2019 offers ! 

You wish to access these tools but do not own any plateform or you own one but have an offer anterior to 2019 ?

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