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NetExplorer connector for Outlook

Send folders and files from Outlook without size limitations

NetExplorer connector for Outlook allows you to send elements without size restrictions.

NetExplorer connector for Outlook:

Easy to install (how to is available here),  it makes the use of your favorite mail application easier, for dealing with sends of heavy documents. Outlook cannot basically send files more than 20Mo,.

Here, you just have to insert your heavy files (and light ones too !)thanks to the connector, then your recipient will easily get the files by downloading them 

from the cloud.

40 picture files for 140Mo total size 

Files are imported, you just have to send email 

Compatibility and version ?

To enjoy the benefit of the connector, you need to have at least the 2013 version of Outlook and later.


Connector works with exchange protocol, it is not available for POP and IMAP protocols.

Download NetExplorer connector for Outook