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Validate and sign workflows

Validate and sign flows started by a workmate

You're about to validate a document (signature or validation) that one of your workmate sent you. What is the process ?

I got en email for validation of document, what should I do ?

You just got an email like this one :

Click the "display" button and you will be redirected to a page asking you to accept or deny validation of document.

You will also be able to preview document.

How to check if my document has been validated ?

When a validation flow is created, a yellow tag appears on the corner of icone. This indicates the document has not been rated yet by signatories.

Once signatories or workmates have answered, the tag becomes green  if accepted or red if denied, in both cases the flow comes at en end. You will then get a summary by email.

Finally, a grey tag indicates that the file has changed since the end of the flow, and so the latest version is not the validated one.

You can also check the state in the "WORKFLOW" tab.


  • Workflows are linked to a single file version.
  • To delete a workflow, you have to go to the /Details menuin the workflow tab and click
    • A workflow can be deleted only if it has reached its end, or if the file has been deleted too.
  • To see all of the flows you're working on, select from the left row the icon 
  • When a validation is over, you will get a summary by email.

Multiple validation

It is the same than simple validation, but you can add a great number of documents in the same operation, either to internal or external users.

How does it happen from the signatory point of view  ?

Signatories will receive en email like this one :

Signatories can sign in 2 different ways :

  • Draw a signature with mouse or pad

  • Load graphic file of their signature

Every signatory will get a notification by email, warning them with link and expiration date for signature.

Signatories will be able to sign the document, once signature is done, it will look like this :

If you have a look at the files to be signed, they can like this :

file is waiting for signature

 signature has been refused 

 signature has been accepted

In case of refuse, recipient can leav you a message for explanation.

Signatories will have access to the signed document.

Once signature hase been done, document will change its status, you will be warned of it.


Finally, you will be able to see that the document has been signed by every signatory.