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NetExplorer DRIVE

Connect your platform to a Windows network drive

You wish to access elements from your platform in a more "classic" way by simply opening folders from your local explorer , NetExplorer drive is the solution.

Network drive :

By using NetExplorer Drive, you will be able to connect your usual platform directly on a network drive, with the appearance and ergonomy of a local drive with folders and files just like windows ones.

In this way, you will get an immediate connexion to your platform and you will find the same file tree, according to distant rights.

Platform from web view

Platform from local view

Private space is in another file tree so you'll find it separately on web access, but it will be shown in NetExplorer Drive.

Installating and checking  NetExplorer Drive

Once installed (you will find a "how to" here), folders and files will appear directly in file tree from windows explorer. You will then be able to work easily on them, by opening all your files with your local applications.


  1. Beware of path length, they can trigger display issues (you'll find more information on this page)
  2. Connexion protocol on those drives can sometimes encounter issues with credentials registration, there again you will find more information on this page.
  3. If your account comes from an external directory, or if you activated double authentification, then you will have to use an application password instead of the usual password you have set up.
  4. Please keep in mind that NetExplorer Drive is working on webdav protocol, which is slower than web access.

Download NetExplorer Drive for Windows